For years, women have talked to their friends about your products when they met for coffee, at the school gates or out for an evening.  Today, those same women are stilling discussing your products but now they are speaking online, to a global audience.

This makes Social Media one of the fastest and most important ways for your brand to increase personal recommendations by friends to other friends and, whether you want to engage in social media or not, thousands of people are already talking about your products on line to others.

For many brands, the journey into Social Media means a Facebook Page and perhaps a Twitter feed, but this isn’t tapping into anything like your brand’s full potential to truly engage with and listen to your consumers.

At Alchemy, our Social Media team understands the power of positive online conversations for your brand and we want to help you lead your consumer’s thinking.  We research and understand which buzzwords trigger the beauty consumer’s interest and how to use positive conversations to create a “digital ecosystem” that nurtures your brand.

At Alchemy, we believe that consumers use social media to research and filter their interest in brands and the more people we can interest in your brand, the more will be motivated to purchase.