We had a fantastic time this weekend at the French Ambassador’s Bastille Day event in his private residence at Kensington Palace Gardens. 

The incredible opulence of the surroundings was slightly mitigated by the damp underfoot but it was a beautiful event and the Ambassador made a very good speech.  Dave Clark from FDD was our client’s guest and he and his wife were wonderful company.

We all may have had more than one drink and it’s fascinating what you learn about people’s lives when you really get talking and the polite chit chat gives way to real talk.  Dave’s wife Eileen works as a teacher of Dyslexic children and as the mother of one it was great to hear what she really thinks and not the sanitised version of what teachers tell us about our son.  Likewise, Dave seems to have lived (just a little) and I can tell that future meets will bring out even better stories, but maybe not for publication…

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