Back from Cannes!  Overall impression?  It is absolutely mad.  You may be given what looks like a schedule, you may think it’s a schedule, but actually, it’s a bit of paper with words & timings that have already changed from the moment someone pressed “print”.

If you go with the flow it’s fine.  The job always gets done in the end and I particularly enjoyed working with some fantastic professionals including Barbara Rdzanek our make up artist, Jojo Dye who works with Ealing Metro and Tim Cole from One Tone.  They made the trip fun.

Barbara and I were in charge of getting the Mary Kay products onto the stars and I think we achieved this admirably, if I do say so myself.  Laura Michelle Kelly’s eyes look great in the shot above and Mr Keating was not only a joy to work with but required very little Barbara assistance.  Slight bit of help for TV and that was it, but with HD screens these days, who wouldn’t and given what many male stars ask for before shows, we thought a bit of Mineral Powder exceptionally reasonable.

Laura was also lovely – how rare, two reasonable film stars on one gig – and gave a fantastic TV interview to me about her beauty regime and which products she likes (I’ll upload this in a week or so).

After the screening of Goddess, their movie, I dashed into the L’Oreal pop up nail bar in the Martinez hotel to have a look – like to know what the opposition are up to – and they’d made a great effort with very limited space.  My French not being fantastic I believe the manicurist said that it was mainly journalists and a few celebs coming through the door, so if you’re a journo down there get yourself along to the Martinez, she’s waiting for you!

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