So, we’re off to Cosmoprof on Thursday and I’ll be posting from there so you can see my latest beauty finds.  My major crisis at present is what to wear?  I HAVE to wear flat shoes but nothing looks glamorous with flats.  Last year, I wore FitFlops and sneaked around the corner to change every time I had a meet.  This worked fine until people started meeting me in the aisles – hey ho.  Anyway, I have a few new tops courtesy of Cos and several meets that should be great fun – Rocky, George, Stacey I can’t wait!  

However, even more exciting for me is that Floris have invited me to have a personal fragrance session with their perfumer in April.  I am pathetically excited about this, mostly, because it will be about me rather than a fragrance for someone else, but also because it is absolutely a once-in-a-lifetime treat.  Thank you Floris, I shall adore you until my dying day and not just because you do make the most thought through candles on the market – gold cover, cork mat, fabulous fragrance etc.

Heads up, I am mainly looking for creams that dissolve wrinkles.  There were several on the market last year including -417 so I’ll see how these have evolved this year.  I want excitement, newness and innovation in beauty and I don’t see why you or I should be denied…watch this space…

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