First Post

So here we are with our first blog on the new Alchemy Blog site.

Busy week this week with the In Style Beauty Awards tomorrow night but my lips are sealed as to which of my clients has won!  It’s sure to be lovely as the In Style beauty team do a fantastic job every year and it’s a great do.  Last year Leighton Denny was showcasing his new bod which was lighter by 10lbs and he looked great – still does, so well done him.

On Thursday, my good friend Richard Brooks is running the new Agent Provocateur launch at the Rose Club in London so we’re all looking forward to that and seeing the new fragrance.  He’s a great PR so bound to be a good event.

I’m off to Spring Fair at the weekend at the NEC to meet some international prospective clients – it saves me travelling thousands of miles and I get to see some great faces.  Looking forward to seeing lots of my clients as well and persuading some of our brokerage clients to do a deal!

Well, that’s all for now so I’ll update you tomorrow night with the winners of the event and you can read all about it in the March issue of In Style, out tomorrow!

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